Superfoods – Expectations & Disclaimer

All our information that we share is for informational purposes only. You should always talk with your health care professional whenever changing diets, or taking new vitamins or supplements. For the full FREE Superfood Basics Training follow the link: Advertisements

Superfood Basics – Welcome

Welcome to The Healthy Life Hive where we are sharing this FREE course on all the Superfood Basics! What you will learn: – What superfoods are – What makes superfoods super – The top superfoods based on ORAC Value – How to incorporate superfoods into your daily diet Following the Superfood Basics Training there will…

Superfood Basics – Why are Superfoods good for you?

Know the Superfood Basics! Many of us have heard the word superfood or seen them in the grocery store but do you truly know why superfoods are so good for your health? Your body and your mind need a certain amount and combination of nutrients to function at the highest possible level. You usually get…

Superfood Basics – What are Superfoods?

We are covering all the Superfood Basics! In this video we are discussing what are superfoods. The dictionary defines superfoods as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well being. Superfoods can also be a source of antioxidants. Which are substances that shield our bodies from cell damage and prevent disease….

Top 10 Simple Weight Loss Hacks You Can Implement Today

Weight loss isn’t easy (if it were, we wouldn’t have a billion different diet plans and products to waste our money on). But even the smallest weight loss tricks or mind hacks can make a big difference when it comes to sticking to your diet or weight … #hacks

How to find the best gym for you

Name a fitness trend and chances are someone’s opened a facility to capitalize on it: Hardcore sweatboxes like CrossFit, boutique studios like SoulCycle and FlyWheel, digitally innovative gyms like OrangeTheory Fitness, or massive “big-box” gyms with … #fitnesstips

7 high-heel hacks – Times of India

7 high-heel hacks Oh, how we suffer for fashion. A recent survey found out that nearly 43% women would wear a shoe they thought looks nice, even if it’s not really comfortable. #tips #hacks