Going Gluten Free | BENEFITS & TIPS



What are the benefits to going gluten free and should I be gluten free or is it just a trend?

I also what to touch on this new software, the Healthy Lifestyle Meals App which has helped me move towards a gluten free diet. It has made it significantly easier to find alternatives and substitute when removing gluten from my diet but also has ensured that I am receiving the correct nutrients and vitamins to ensure I am maintain a healthy and balanced diet. I will show you more how it works at the end of this video.

So what is Gluten?

Gluten is a family of proteins that is found in wheat rye and barley.

Now why should you decide to go gluten free?

– if you are Celiac

– if you are gluten intolerant

– or if you want to sustain an unprocessed diet

On a gluten free diet you will feel a lot more energized, you will have clearer skin and you wont have any stomach pains.

What has helped me along my journey was the Healthy Lifestyle Meals Ap. As I was able to put in my specific dietary restrictions and it provided me with the proper substitutes to make sure that I was getting the proper vitamins and nutrients in each meal.


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