Top 10 Simple Weight Loss Hacks You Can Implement Today

Weight loss isn’t easy (if it were, we wouldn’t have a billion different diet plans and products to waste our money on). But even the smallest weight loss tricks or mind hacks can make a big difference when it comes to sticking to your diet or weight … #hacks

7 high-heel hacks – Times of India

7 high-heel hacks Oh, how we suffer for fashion. A recent survey found out that nearly 43% women would wear a shoe they thought looks nice, even if it’s not really comfortable. #tips #hacks

3 easy #life #hacks for a healthier #day

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about doing what you can, but not beating yourself up when you just can’t do it all. If you do want to incorporate a few healthy hacks into your busiest weeks, though, here are a few simple, totally doable ones that … #lifehacks

7 life hacks for problems only pop stars have

And while being a performing musician isn’t a job quite like any other, it is still a job and there are still common issues that crop up, which will require a few smart life hacks to get around them. The fact that these issues affect famous pop stars … #lifehacks

Guard the gadget: Top tips to protect your smartphone

2. A sturdy case: You can get all kinds of cases made of metal, plastic, silicon, and even wood. However, it’s best to avoid the bulky ones and instead go for a lightweight silicon case that offers superior grip while not adding mass to the phone. #toptips

Five-steps to booking cheap flights online

Most of my points come from buying groceries and paying bills – I’m reluctant to shell out top dollar for flight if there are significantly cheaper fares available. #tophacks

7 cool YouTube hacks you can use

The success story of YouTube needs no retelling. Founded 12 years ago by three former PayPal employees – Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim – YouTube has become the digital go-to guy for everyone who uses the internet. #hacks

Vacation Packing Hacks

She joined us with some helpful hacks! The first thing she told us was that it all starts with a good bag. Look for a suitcase that has 360 wheels, is lightweight when empty, and has compartments that make sense for what you like to pack. #hackstips