Three workouts that promise spiritual fitness — and happiness

Happiness workshops, spiritual fitness workouts and socially uplifting yoga sessions: Here are several upcoming events that aim to help people live more fulfilled lives: Celebrity trainer Jill Payne calls her program “Spiritual Athlete” for a reason … #fitness

Try the LA Workout Everyone’s Talking About — At Your Own Gym

We’re a little obsessed with the fun and dynamic workout from LA’s boutique studio, Speedplay. But since we’re about 350 miles from Los Angeles, we can’t get our fitness fix as often as we’d like. Fortunately, Speedplay’s co-founder and lead trainer … #fitness

Pound the pounds away with Pound Fitness

Two best friends from California, who happened to also be drummers, started the fitness craze after they realized that standing at a drum set instead of sitting while performing was a serious workout. #fitness

The One Change That Will Make You a Better Athlete

Why Focusing On One Thing Will Make You a Better Athlete Look at any great runner, and what does her workout routine usually revolve around? A lot of running. Great runners run. The same goes for swimmers: They swim. #fitness

Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram Fitness Video Will Put You to Shame

The video documents his workout with Luke Zocchi, who according to Hemsworth is the “world’s best trainer” and your best bet for becoming a “flat out legend” with your personal fitness. Hemsworth proceeds to throw around weights like a bull, swing … #fitness

Is This “Shocking” Workout the Next Fitness Craze?

Can you imagine getting the effects of a three-hour workout in only 20 minutes? It very well might be possible. A new wave of fitness is making its way west from London, and it’s called EMS training. Have you heard of it? Seen it on Instagram? It’s … #fitness